Makeup Guru 2016 Version

She’s spiritful, she loves varieties of life, she’s keen on beautifying people and things.

After completing her education on Textile Coloring & Finishing, she graduated from Business Administration Faculty.

As soon as she started her proffession, it is figured out that she has the ability to differentiate colors and tones nearly as accurate as a spectrofotometer. Thus, she worked as Colorist for years, and coloured cloth. On the other hand, her deep interest in cosmetics and curiosity for knowing people guided her to Make Up Profession.

She has finished LCC, completing Professional Make Up, Aestethics, and Podiatry.

While working in TV channels like Kanaltürk , Bugün TV , Kanal D (Erdi Productions), TRT; she worked in TV series, video clips and various projects in parallel. She would also like to be into Efect Make Up, and started learning that.

Since some of the celebrities she worked with As they named her “Make Up Guru”, Aybuke decided to use this nickname in social media, as soon as she became a freelancer.

She works in a variaty of productions like clips, theatre, events, photography for cataloges and fashion shows. She beautifies the brides, prepares dancers to shows with her make up. She also deliverstraining to individuals or corporate groups.

She’s not passionate only for make up, but also for other colors of life, especially to learn and experience new things. Being a little sassy, she likes to surprise people, travel, and make videos. Dancing is indispensable for her. She is fond of all the rodents, and she has 2 Guinea Pigs.